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Sounds Pink Sounds Black

We use soft net, silk taffeta and net to suggest fragility to create femininity. To make our idea more approachable, we choose fabric like jersey, denim and also hounds tooth cotton.

Initially we visioned a big chunk of black liquidity flux form streaming down merging with a stack of unarranged black lines. To break the solemn pattern, we found a shimmering pink silk taffeta plaid, a crispy type which suggest fragility, tinted and also inject liveliness to the whole collection. To conclude, we play around using draping and pattern making techniques to desaturate and deconstruct the black pile pattern, create intriguing shapes and lines onto the wearer's body, combine these with tie-dye bleaching we want to achieve a look that have a unique edge and soft grunge essence.

Look 1 full.jpg
Look 2 full.jpg
Look 3 full.jpg
Look 4 full.jpg
Look 5 full.jpg
Look 6 full.jpg
Look 7 full.jpg
Crop Four 8.jpg
Look 9 full.jpg
Look 10 full.jpg
Crop Four 11.jpg
Crop Four 12.jpg
Look 13 full.jpg
Crop Four 15.5 Caramelia font.jpg
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